On November 29th, 2013, we officially opened our doors with a simple philosophy.

Each of us deserve the quality of a "Country Club" level ProShop, that would also serve to be an inclusive home for like minded Disc Sports Enthusiasts!

Since this time, Duck's has grown into much more than just a a pro shop for Disc Sports Enthusiasts. It has become a place to enjoy the opportunity to relax, compete, enjoy a refreshment, and of course talk disc sports (otherwise known as "Trash!)

Our staff is highly proficient with more than 40 years of Disc Sports experience. As competitors, we have played Ultimate and Disc Golf at the highest levels, all over the United States, as well as the World. We feel it is necessary to have this experience when advising players of all skill level. We also anticipate that our staff will continue to compete to the best of our ability for the foreseeable future in these as well as any other disc sports we can find!

With competition I mind, we (perhaps selfishly) are interested in keeping the best technology, and newest innovations in stock, as we are customers as well! We are emphatically passionate about the "flat ball" and will do our very best to offer you insights into the products that feed our passion.

We hope that YOU, our player(s) will become accustomed to gathering a sense of our love for OUR sport. We aspire to show you this through our passion to help you reach your apex as a player, and through supplying you with the best equipment for your individual game. We will strive to learn your personal preferences, and give advise according to that knowledge.

In short "We know how you feel about OUR game, and want to help you in all areas that you want to grow."